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Conveyor power calculation

Belt conveyor motor power calculation : explanation of items

How to understand the data requiered to fill the calculation form ?   




Heart to heart length of conveyor belt/meters
The length of the conveyor belt defines its drive motor power. The longer the belt is, the more power the drive motor needs to have to compensate the weight of the belt and the weight of the material to be transported.

Attention : the density of the material to be transported plays an important role in defining the necessary drive power of the motor. As an exemple, transporting paper needs less drive power than transporting metal or gravel.

Elevation/meters | Angle of conveyor belt/degrees
The elevation of your conveyor belt is an important parameter since it defines the angle of the conveyor belt. The steeper the belt is, the more drive power is needed.

Attention : If the angle of the belt is more than 22 degrees, you should choose a cleated or pocket-type belt

Please note that the nature of the material to be transported influences the drive power of the motor and for the need to opt for a cleated or pocket-type belt. As an exemple, the transport of saw dust allows the belt to be steeper than 22 degrees without a cleated belt.

Width of belt/mm
The widths of the belts are predeterminated. You have the choice of 9 different widths covering all your needs. The width of the belt determines its transport volume. The more width the belt has, the more drive power should be installed.

The transport volume defines basically the drive power of your conveyor belt. Of course, the width of the belt influences the capacity. The speed of the motor and consequently its drive power influences it.
The capacity is expressed in metric ton per hour. Should you have difficulties with these units , here is some advice : you can use the long ton wich is 16 kg more than a metric ton. When you use pounds (Lbs), you can divide your figures by 2222 to arrive at metric ton. In order to make the calculation program more accurate, we propose soon to choose for either metric or anglo saxon units.

The belt speed of your conveyor belt will depend on the power of your drive motor. At similar mass, the motor has to be stronger when the belt speed is increased. Nevertheless, the belt speed will not be too important while limited by safety. The angle of the belt can also limit the speed of the belt. In fact, a steep angle does not allow a high speed, particularly when the material is very heavy.

Diameter of head pulley/mm
The diameter of the head pulley is dimensioned based on the width and length of the belt conveyor, just as by the type of material to be transported. The more diameter of the pulley, the more drive power is needed.

Length of reception trough/meters
This parameter is not useful for drive motor power calculation. However this data gives us a clue to understand your installation and your needs.