Certification ISO 26000

We are aware of the impacts of all our decisions and business operations on society and the environment. Very involved in our corporate social responsibility approach, we wanted to be assessed on the ISO 26000 requirements by the AFNOR, an organisation which measures a company’s performance and maturity in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

ISO 26000: our commitments

Our ISO 26000 commitments are based upon our corporate values.

Quality and innovation for our customers: to create and share an offer fit to each customer: sale or lease, standard or custom made. To design and create products with an emphasis on constant quality. To innovate in our market approach.

A qualified and versatile team: to rely on a professionalism and expertise as a guarantee of quality. To have a multi-skilled and supportive team working each day to ensure the sustainability of the company in a spirit of initiative and shared innovation.

Environmental excellence: to create an added environmental value, to maximize and enhance the use of resources. To protect and help developing biodiversity and foster a connection between Man and nature, and to blend the company’s operations in its environment.

Human and the territory: to have a strong territorial anchorage and to actively contribute to the economical  activities of the territory. To assure an enjoyable working environment to all employees, inside and outside of the premises. To stimulate each and everyone’s personal growth and fulfillment.