Conveyor-extractor Manuextract

  • Manuextract and storage hopper for cleanup
    Manuextract and storage hopper for cleanup
  • Extractor belt Tecnitude
    Manuextract Tecnitude
  • Extractor belt
    Extractor belt Manuextract
  • Extractor belt
    Manuextract E.A 650
  • Extractor belt in action
    Extractor belt Manuextract in action
  • Extractor belt Manuextract
    Extractor belt Manuextract
  • Photo d'un MANUEXTRACT
    Extractor belt Manuextract

Tecnitude's Manuextract is a belt feeder, a belt extractor, a flow regulator that allows conveyor withdrawal, extraction or flow management under or in silos and hopper outlet. The fine-tuning of belt extractors allows for a constant and precise flow of material.

Storage hopper, material transfer hopper or feed hopper

Built in steel, pyramid shaped or monobloc, the Tecnitude hopper units can be used for storage (for grains, cereals, aggregates..) and for feeding conveyors belt. Hoppers also serve to narrow down the flow on the next belt. 

For handling sticky materials, Tecnitude advices to use a pneumatic beating mechanism installed on the side of the hopper to avoid sticking together of the material. This system also enables the even discharge of material.

Manuextract conveyor operation

The Manuextract conveyor’s main function is to steadily manage a flow of extracted materials located on its conveyor belt. It can also be used to automatically empty hoppers by means of flow control. Thanks to Tecnitude’s extractor, everything will be easier. You only need to adjust flow control and monitor flow speed. Make sure to check our online calculation tool to figure out the flow rate you need.

Extraction and quantity measuring conveyor belt

Positioned under the outlet of the hopper, the Manuextract extraction belt is used for material draw off or regulation of output. The principle function is to assure a regular and stable draw of material to be transported.

A full material handling system

To complete your material handling system, Tecnitude offers a range of hopper kits to feed belt conveyors and to store materials. We also provide Manukit and Manubloc belt conveyors covering a wide range of applications depending on your needs.

The following video shows one of the Tecnitude belt extractors at work:


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Conveyor-extractor Manuextract : technical characteristics

Bandwidth 500 mm650 mm800 mm1000 mm1200 mm
Inter-axle cylinder/drum pulleyto 1,25m at 3mto 1,25m at 3m to 1,25m at 3m to 1,25m at 3m to 1,25m at 3m
Nominal installed power 2,2 Kw3,0 Kw3,0 Kw 4,0 Kw 5,50 Kw
Nominal cylinder/drum pulley diameter220 mm220 mm220 mm 220 mm325 mm
Installation height 560 mm 560 mm 560 mm560 mm680 mm
Installation width (except mechanization) 800 mm950 mm1100 mm1300 mm 1560 mm
Power strap section500 X 500 mm600 X 600 mm600 X 600 mm 600 X 600 mm700 X 700 mm
Nominal vein width 300 mm450 mm 600 mm800 mm1000 mm
Nominal vein thickness120 mm150 mm180 mm200 mm250 mm
Nominal flow of 0,20 m/s 25 m3/h47 m3/h75 m3/h112 m3/h174 m3/h
Nominal flow of 0,50 m/s63 m3/h118 m3/h188 m3/h280 m3/h 435 m3/h


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