Industrial conveyor Manukit

  • Convoyeur industriel Manukit
    Convoyeur industriel Manukit
  • Industrial conveyor Manukit
    Industrial conveyor Manukit
  •  Photo d'un Convoyeur Manukit
    Convoyeur Manukit
  • Photo d'un Convoyeur industriel Manukit avec goulotte en tête
    Convoyeur industriel Manukit avec goulotte en tête
  • Industrial Conveyor Manukit
    Industrial Conveyor Manukit
  • Industrial conveyor belt
    Industrial conveyor belt
  • Industrial conveyor Manukit 800
    Industrial conveyor Manukit 800
  • Photo d'un convoyeur Manukit 1000 - Biomass plant
    Manukit 1000

Tecnitude’s Manukit conveyor is an industrial conveyor, fitted for heavy loads. Suitable for any type of worksite, it features a trough-shaped belt combining adaptability and resistance. The conveyor is made up of a tubular mesh frame and trough-shaped belt parts with 3 rollers linked-up on an endless belt.

A conveyor belt for modularity and strength

As heavy duty industrial type, the conveyor belt Manukit is designed to convey heavy loads. Put together as a tabular frame and reception trough with 3 rollers sets with an endless belt, the Manukit has a standard drive speed by means of a standard drive motor with gearbox with 4 kW to 30 kW installed.

Features of the Manukit conveyor

Belt width ranges from 500 mm to 1200 mm. Length of the conveyor can be tailored to your needs with a 50 cm margin by assembling standard parts. The Manukit conveyor has a default speed driven by a geared motor with a power range of 4 to 30 kW.

A tailored conveyor

Thanks to Tecnitude you can choose and make up your own belt conveyor. Our conveyors are modular so you can choose the length you need. We will assess the required belt width depending on the quantity of materials to be conveyed.

Our conveyors are easy to put together and delivered as a kit. All standard parts are in stock available and ready for delivery in a few days.

Standard equipment: 

  • Structure of tabular frames
  • Three-phase motor 380 V
  • Belt speed from 1.25 m/s
  • Standard drive with motor reducer
  • Rubber scraper at the head pulley
  • Transmission motor/shaft by means of covered pulleys and belt
  • Transmission intermediate shaft/trommel by means of covered gear and  gearwheel 
  • Trough units with three rollers
  • Rollers of diameter 89 mm
  • Belt type EP 400/3 - 4+2 endless



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Industrial conveyor Manukit : technical characteristics

Width of belt mm50065080010001200
Motor powerKw4-15 4-307,5-307,5-457,5-45
Height of framemm550550550650650
Width of framemm800950110013001560
Diameter of frame pipes mm60x460x460x460x460x4
Diameter of head pulleymm325-520325-520325-520400-630400-630
Diameter of foot pulleymm325325325420420


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