Manupack spare parts

  • Rouleaux pour convoyeur à bande
    Convoyeur à bande Manubloc 650
  • Pièces de rechange pour le convoyeur industriel Manukit de Tecnitude
  • Pièces de rechange pour le convoyeur sauterelle Manubloc de Tecnitude
  • Paliers pour convoyeur sauterelle - Tecnitude

The first parts of a conveyor needing replacement are the rollers. They are put under the most strain when the conveyor belt is running.

Manupack: box of emergency replacement conveyor rollers 

In order to avoid any inconvenience Tecnitude put together a small emergency box of rollers and tension bearings for tail pulleys, as well as a large box of rollers and full tail pulleys. These are spare parts for belt conveyors maintenance and repairs.

Having such a box will prevent any long breakdown that could lead to production shutdown. The Manupack is available and ready for use to replace worn parts. When selecting a box, state your conveyor belt width (up to 1200mm) in order to assess appropriate rollers. Our Manupacks are suitable for Manukit as well as Manubloc conveyors.


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