Plastic waste conveying

  • Convoyeur à bande Tecnitude pour le transport de déchets plastiques
    Convoyeur à bande pour le transport de déchets plastiques

Our belt conveyors are used to convey a lot of plastic pieces and shredded plastic, especially in the recycling industry and plastics manufacturing industry.

Bulk plastic handling (bottles, lids, wrapping waste, etc) by using belt conveyors allows taking into account various requirements such as dimension, temperature or shape.

Bulk plastic waste handling by using belt conveyors

Tecnitude can assess your setup to provide you a plastic waste conveying solution tailored to your needs (either horizontal or titled conveying), using standard units for our modular Manukit or Manubloc conveyors. They are available for sale and lease. You can use our online flow and power calculation tool to figure out the requirements for any conveyor.