Storage hoppers and feed hoopers

  • Manuextract E.A 6m x 1000mm
    Manuextract E.A 6m x 1000mm
  • Storage hopper and feeders Tecnitude
    Storage hopper and feeders Tecnitude
  • Storage hopper and feeders Tecnitude
    Storage hopper and feeders Tecnitude
  • Storage hopper
    Storage hopper
  • Storage hopper and feeders Tecnitude
    Storage hopper and feeders Tecnitude

Tecnitude’s hoppers are pyramid shaped, reinforced tanks suitable for storage of materials, as well as for loading materials onto conveyors belts, chutes, etc. Choose one suiting your needs; for use as grain silo, aggregate hopper, grain funnel, etc.

Tecnitude’s storage and feed hoppers

Pyramid shaped steel hoppers with unloading system by means of a manual slide valve or automatic unloading system. Delivered in sections to be bolt together. Ready for road transport. Assembly instructions are made available.

Tecnitude’s hoppers can also be delivered as welded together complete units, ready for transport. To manage hopper output flow, Tecnitude also offers belt extractors. Our online calculation tool will assist you to monitor the appropriate flow rate of the belt extractors.

Advice on how to use hoppers

In order to handle sticky materials such as wet sand, concrete, etc. , causing possible clogging the outlet system, we recommend using a vibrating motor or a pneumatic percussive tool to avoid this. The vibrating or percussive tool can be put onto the hopper wall to perform vibration or successive impacts without damaging it. The resulting vibrations or hammering will help avoiding the flow to clogg.

The hopper can also be lined with special plates to reduce friction between wall and material and consequently avoiding sticking.

A realigning hopper can be used to transfer compost from a 1200 mm wide conveyor to a 400 mm wide conveyor by means of reducing the cross section or to a hopper with a collecting tank on a chassis frame controlled by a conveyor equipped with orientation wheels


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Storage hoppers and feed hoopers : technical characteristics

m3Poids en kgABCDEF
1016803000 166010003580670250
1520403000 166010004200670870
2024003000 1660100048006701470
3039603000 1660100059006702570
4054003000 166010007000 6703670


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