Sustainable development

Tecnitude is committed to reduce its environmental impact. We maintain and strengthen our commitment by involving all our partners into an eco-responsible and sustainable development approach on a daily basis.

We are also members of non-profit organizations and associations working towards an economic development with respect to humans and the environment: Made in Respect, the Eco-enterprises network of Alsace, Alsace Innovation, Idée Alsace, etc.

Our contribution to environmental protection

Tecnitude has grown a mindset focused on the future and are actively involved into a sustainable development policy. We take on a daily responsible and supportive behavior, in particular by sorting and recycling our waste.

In order to lower our carbon footprint, we reduce transport and trips and favour online sales. Concerned about biodiversity, we sponsor beehives through associations in Alsace such as « Un toit pour les Abeilles » (a roof for the worker bees) and « AsApiStra » (the association supportin the apiculture). The honey harvested is then distributed, helping saving bees in a tangible way. To further realize our commitments and values we also support the French Bird Protection League (LPO).

Eco-responsible products and services

To promote our values of a responsible corporate citizen we avoid any form of waste (paper and metals are recycled) and we use wood-heating appliances for our premises. We also repair our conveyors and though extend our product life cycle by avoiding early scrapping and reducing the impact on the environment.

Social commitments

To strengthen our team cohesiveness and improve our partners working environment, we created a company vegetable garden, including compost processing, a flower field and a wall dedicated to insects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have chosen to incorporate CSR into our business. We believe that the future of the entrepreneurial world is, first and foremost, about respecting humans and the environment. Because human rights, labour rights and environmental rights are closely linked to each other and contribute to general well being.