Tension band conveyor

Before you start up the conveyor it is necessary that the user checks the tension of the band. For this, the respect for different stages is essential. A test may be necessary by starting the installation, after taking care to go back all the protections and remove all foreign objects such as tools, stones, ballast, etc.

Web tension: the steps

Before any intervention, it is necessary to stop the plant after learning of the process of intervention in areas and hazardous organs. The tension adjustment must be made when skating on the drive drum was found (unless the rubber lining of the driving drum is worn or defective) or abnormal bending of the back side of the belt between 2 roll back is detected.

To change the web tension, it  is necessary to loosen the lock nuts of tension rods and tension blocks foot drum. Act on the threaded rods until the desired result by making sure to respect the same length of travel on each threaded rod. After the adjustment, tighten the tension rods by tightening the nuts against the against-frame.

It is possible to repeat the tensioning operations if necessary.