Tecnitude: the conveyor belt specialist

An impressive assembly facility for a bulk conveyor belt

A bulk conveyor in kit form: you put together standard units and compose your bulk transfer conveyor belt. Your conveyor belt can later be modified to another application, according to your future needs by adding extension sections. You enter the World of Self-Service for  Bulk Material Handling!

Buy or rent your conveyor belt by us

Tecnitude has a large stock available of bulk material equipment at its disposal and responds quickly to all your inquiries :
- More than 500 belt conveyors in operation
- Over 5 km of conveyors belt in operation
- More than 20,000 tons of product handled per hour
- Between 800 and 1.000 m of belt conveyors permanently directly at your disposition from stock

Our know-how about conveyor belts

Tecnitude has a team of conveyor belt specialists at your disposal. We can assist you with your choice of Bulk Material Handling and storage equipment: conveyor belts (Manukit, Manubloc), hoppers-silo, etc... Bulk Material Belt Conveyors designed by Tecnitude are often used in many industries:  recycling, plastics, wood processing, minerals, agricultural sector, construction, chemical, cement, extractive...

An international activity and development

Tecnitude has an organisation enabling the execution of projects in Bulk Material Belt Conveyors  all over the World: Europa, Afrika, Amerika and Asia. Tecnitude, the solution to all your Bulk Material Belt Conveyors projects : speed, reliability and ease of use at competitive prices!