Carbon footprint

The Bilan Carbone® (carbon footprint) is a method approved by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) which aims to monitor all emissions related to Tecnitude’s operations, inside the business (energy consumption, transport, etc.) as well as downstream (purchases, home/office transportation, etc.) and upstream (shipping, waste processing). The method uses a new measuring unit: the CO2 equivalent. This approach emphasizes the company’s eco-responsibility by combining the mobilization of teams, economics and the environment.

Tecnitude’s carbon balance 

Always eager to commit to sustainable development, Tecnitude had our Carbon Balance done in 2012 by the consulting firm Positiv'Energies(link is external) to quantify our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. It allowed us to have a clear vision of our business and prioritize where to maximize our efforts.

Here is our Bilan Carbone® (Carbone Balance) : 

  • 1% energy consumption
  • 1% fixed assets acquisition
  • 2% transports (home-work transport, business travel)
  • 7% future packaging, freight and end-of-life products
  • 22% inputs (purchases and services)
  • 67% utilization (machine and appliances consumption)

Ongoing actions to reduce our carbon footprint

We want to set up an eco-design approach of our products, incite car sharing on work-home transport, extend equipment operating times and shift performance class from IE2 to IE3 for asynchronous electric motors.

Team mobilisation

During earth-day, all employees came to the company either by bike or carshare to reduce emissions caused by work-home transport. This morning ended by a friendly lunch and some games (pétanque et molkky). Each employee also signed a moral commitment to come by bike, public transportation or carsharing as much as possible.