Center band

  • Toles de rives avec bavettes pour convoyeur à bande
    Manubloc 650

Steps are to be followed for the initiation and adjustment of the centering of the band of a conveyor. The belt centering is carried out on an operating machine. Caution, increased vigilance of compliance with instructions and safety recommendations is necessary.

  • Turn on the machine (see response procedures and internal consignment to the user company)
  • Check the tape running direction
  • Check that all the upper and lower rollers are installed properly and are in motion
  • Otherwise, stop the installation and remedy any assembly problems
  • Check that no misalignment of the carriers can be reported
  • Proceed to the web tension control
  • Before tightening the lock nut against, center the belt by acting on the threaded tension rods
  • Once completed, block the threaded rods

Deportation of the strands on the strip centering

If after conducting the centering of the band, the 2 sides (top and bottom) swerve to one side. Slacken the bolts several rolls of media. Move the band offset of the support side of the support roller by means of a hammer. In this case, it need to be in the direction of travel of the band on the side where it withdraws or in the opposite direction. Do so on multiple media to refocus the band. Finally, tighten the bolts of the roll holders.

Once the vacuum band centered, carry out the inspection and if necessary to adjust the support band. Be sure to keep an upright and centered power in the receiving trough of the conveyor.