Agricultural stacking conveyor Manuproject

  • Conveyor belt Manukit designer Tecnitude
    Designer conveyor Manukit
  • Conveyor belt Manukit designer Tecnitude
    Designer conveyor Manukit
  • Conveyor belt Manukit designer Tecnitude
    Designer conveyor Manukit
  • Photo d'un Convoyeur designer Manuproject Tecnitude - Transport agricole
    Convoyeur Designer Manuproject - Transport agricole

Tecnitude’s Manuproject stacking conveyor is material handling equipment used to throw and splash products such as grain, fertilizer, etc. Often used in the agricultural and environmental industries but also in port handling. 

Manuproject, an agricultural conveyor

The Manuproject is mainly used at the end of a Manukit conveyor but can also be put on wheels at ground level. It allows making piles on flat areas. The product is inserted through the upper end and then carried away at high velocity by a belt ejecting it upwards.


Manuproject’s ejection curve depends on density, speed and grain size of the product to stack. The thinner the material is, the stronger the flow will be.

Speed can range from 5 to 12 m/s. Traction is achieved through standard engine power from 5 to 9.5kw. Manuproject is suitable for belt widths of 500 mm, 650 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm.

Additional features can provide tilt and rotation. When using powdery products, considerable dust releases have to be taken into account.



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Agricultural stacking conveyor Manuproject : technical characteristics

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