Tecnitude: the belt conveyor specialist

Cellars Henri Ehrhart are using a belt conveyer for picking graps

The company is sustainable and innovative Ehrhart (link is external) established its premises in Ammerschwihr in the 90’s. The family estate is expanding with a annual production of 6.000.000 bottles per year.

You chose an innovation concept compare to the competitors. Why choose the belt convoyer ?

Last year the wine family business Ehrhart invested in a new press and two used screws. After that we had the idea of contacting the company Tecnitude for the handling of grape marc for agrorian presses. Our wine familian business Ehrhart has invested last year in a new press and two used screws. After that we had the idea of contacting Tecnitude company for the handling of the grape marc which is out of the presses.

Tecnitude proposed us a new innovating and efficiently slow system.turning.

Which other alternatives did you have for making your handling? 

We had the choice between chain conveyor type redler which are used in the vineyards but causing noise. These systems are expensive and the dangerousness level is high. The second solution went a handling per screw but we finally chose a belt conveyor.

How are you using our material ? What are your impressions ? 

The belt convoyer Manubloc E.A 14m x 650 mm is installed outside at the press outlet and is supplied by two screws endless. This convoyer is working aproximatively 3 weeks per year – 20/24h during the picking graps period which is very heavy. The framework of Manubloc is ideally designed very low with a limited height and can be positioned very easily under both screws endless. Products are less damp and be mounted with the belt chevrons of 25mm (convoyer banked 30°).

Which conclusions can you make of using a Manubloc convoyer ? 

We find a lot of benefits through your system like: 

An attractive price
The implementation shift without rollers
An easy  assembly and handling
No noise pollution
Very low energy consumption
Compactness of framework
Short-time delivery manufacture : 3 weeks

Is there a futur project feasible following this first experience? 

The all family is very satisfied with our belt convoyer and we will consult Tecnitude for an  acquisition project of motorised rollers tables for our storage building.